It is nice to know that during night hours or during your absence, your home is safe. One of the ways to protect your home from unwanted guests, is to equip your home or office with a modern metal door with a sturdy security system that will protect your from breaking in.

A properly made and installed metal doors makes breaking in your apartment virtually impossible.

We offer to make a metal doors that will suit the overall interior design, will be the business card of your home and will protect it from intrusion.

Our priority is the security of your home and office!

Metal doors

Iron doors – for any taste!

Already since 2002 "MEKO & KO" Ltd. specialises in design, production and installation of metal constructions. We have solutions for both apartments, staircases, private homes and other objects.

The price of a standard apartment door starts from 170 EUR (without VAT)

Metāla durvis ar rāmi
Metāla durvis ar MDF apdari
Metāla durvis ar divām slēdzenēm
Metāla durvis dzīvoklim
Divviru metāla durvis ar koka imitācijas uzliku
metāla durvis ar iekšējo MDF apdari

We make both individually customised iron doors and standard offer doors for standard apartments, therefore the iron door range of "MEKO & KO" will provide a suitable solution for even the most demanding customer!

Customers can individually choose the type of door finish that is most suited for them. MDF wood imitation, decorative film with wood imitation or natural wood.

Santana Oak
Walnut Baltimore
Wyoming Maple mocca
Sheffield Oak
Learn more about the metal door decorative finishes

Installation of a metal door in a staircase is the best protection against unwanted guests, as well as guaranteed cleanliness and safety. An expertly made and installed door will also protect your staircase from external noises and cold, thanks to the thermal and sound insulation. A metal door for a staircase is not only a guarantee of security but also a business card of the architecture of the building and a functional interior design element. “MEKO & KO” will make a door of any configuration and design that meets your particular needs.

Stainless steel threshold

Reduces the risk of tripping, improves resistance to corrosion and abrasion, facilitates the passage of doorway by wheels, as well as provides longer life of the door, regardless of weather and the time of year.

Door hinges are fitted with bearings

All metal doors by “MEKO & KO” Ltd. are installed using a special hinge and bearing mounting technology, which prevents the door from loosening and relocation, as well as provides longer and more qualitative use of the door.

Hydraulic door closer GEZE TS 2000 V BC

Over the course of many years, we have used many different door closers in door installations, but we have come to the conclusion that the overhead hydraulic door closer with link arm "GEZE TS 2000 V BC", which combines elegant design with high functionality, efficiency and safety of use, is the most durable closer, offering the highest quality, which is especially important for the use in staircases that have a large flow of people. The main advantage of this closer is that it keeps the door from slamming shut, as well as, thanks to the special pulling technology, provides a complete closing of the door at a steady speed even if they have been left open, thereby protecting from cold, noises and sounds, unwanted guests, and pollution.

We manufacture iron doors with a wide range of applications for all kinds of specialised utility rooms, as well as other types of premises with enhanced security and other operational requirements. Iron doors for utility rooms are custom-made in accordance with the technical requirements of the customer.

Enhanced security

If necessary, technical doors can be made from thicker metal and equipped with special anti-burglary and anti-theft furniture. A properly made and installed technical door makes breaking in the room virtually impossible. Such doors can be damaged by miscreants but not forced.

Iron doors for basements

They are painted with powder-paint, and at the request of customers, a ventilation grid can be integrated into the door leaf. The doors are completed with mechanical locks and handles, as well as an electronic key terminal – the door is opened with a chip.

Technical doors for production premises

Doors with an increased durability under conditions of intensive use.

Technical doors for warehouses

The construction of these technical doors is leakproof and resistant to chemical damage.

Technical doors for elevator rooms

They can be heat-insulated with a 50 mm thick layer of PAROC solid mineral wool, painted with powder-paint, as well as be equipped with the integrated ventilation grille. All doors are completed with mechanical locks and handles. At the request of customers, additional metal ribs and a nucleo system can be integrated in the door leaf, at the lock, increasing security against intrusion.

Doors for container rooms

Intended for waste container rooms of multi-storey buildings. Painted with powder-paint, completed with mechanical locks and handles, or an electronic key (chip) terminal. Can be fitted with a ventilation grille at customer’s choice.

Finish and assembly!

We offer a wide range of finishes and furniture for any taste. Decorative finish, enhanced resistance to intrusion and acceptable prices will be able to satisfy the needs and requirements of a wide range of consumers.

The basic metal door assembly includes:

Metal frame

Metal frame width – 80 mm, it's made of a 1.5 mm thick metal sheet, but it can also be made from a 2 mm or an even thicker metal sheet. The metal frame is filled with the soft PAROC stone-wool for thermal and sound insulation.

Metal door leaf

The door leaf is 53 mm thick and made of a 1.5 mm thick steel sheet (at the request of customers it can be made of a 2 mm or an even thicker metal sheet). The leaf is seamed and welded along the perimeter, the thickness of the rolled bend - not less than 4.5 mm. Filled with the high density, hard PAROC stone wool with the thickness 50 mm, which provides thermal and sound insulation.

Hinges and bearings

The doors are fitted with hinges that are attached to bearings. Hinges and fittings prevent the door from moving and separating from the bearings.


Metal doors are treated and painted with powder-paint, which provides high resistance to wear-and-tear, mechanical damages and metal corrosion. The customer may choose the colour of the ordered metal doors from the standard colors or create a customised colour from the RAL colour palette.

Ral 3007
Ral 6005
Ral 7016
Ral 7032
Ral 7036
Ral 7040
Ral 8017
Ral 8019
Ral 9005
Ral 1015

Customer can choose:

  • The thickness of the metal sheets used to manufacture the iron door, the door frame and the door leaf;
  • The finishing material - wood, MDF, film;
  • Metal door furniture;
  • Locks;
  • Handles;
  • Night latches;
  • Door peepholes;
  • A PVC window incorporated in the door and its position - in the leaf or above it;
  • Apartment number signs, etc.

Professional metal door installation

For metal doors to fulfil their function and protect your home from burglars, they should also be professionally installed, using high quality materials and in compliance with safety standards.

Quality and warranty

Our doors are manufactured and installed, using the most advanced solutions, therefore we can safely guarantee the quality of our production. Products by "MEKO & KO" have a 2 year service warranty.