Metalworking has been the main scope of "MEKA & KO" for more than 10 years. On our site metalworking is performed using modern metal construction production technologies and ensuring a full package of development services.

Metal doors
Metal doors

It is nice to know that during night hours or during your absence, your home is safe. One of the ways to protect your home from unwanted guests, is to equip your home or office with a modern metal door with a sturdy security system that will protect your from breaking in.

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“MEKO & KO” - safety in your home

You can never be completely sure. But you can do what is in your power to live in safety. And it is already a lot.

“MEKO & KO” Ltd. specialises in the manufacturing and installation of metal doors, as well as code system installation and servicing in apartment buildings. We use state-of-the-art production technologies and therefore provide the highest quality for the products we offer.

“MEKO & KO” is the largest code system installation and service company in Riga, as well as one of the largest metal door manufacturers in Latvia.

More than ten years of experience in the field of access systems allows us to say that we really know the market and can offer you the best. Our clients are both the major building management companies in Riga, and local municipalities and building operators.

Services offered by “MEKO & KO”:

  1. Metal door manufacturing and installation, repair and service,
  2. Front door code system (intercom) delivery, installation, repair and service,
  3. Metalworks – your drawing, our execution,
  4. Painting with powder coating technology,
  5. Wet painting,
  6. Hardware surface finishing by shot-blasting (sandblasting), pre-painting processing.

We also offer the opportunity to deliver our products for distribution and installation outside the borders of Riga.

“MEKO & KO” – housing security solutions at the highest quality.

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