Metal punching - from cutting of large sheets to creating fine shapes!

"MEKO & KO" is a modern and fast-growing metalworking company that provides high-quality and professionally executed metalworking services of all kinds for both individuals and companies. We are constantly developing by following technology news and customer requirements, so we work only with modern equipment with proven quality.


Professional solution for any purpose!

One of our company's metalworking fields is punching services. At our production plant metal sheet punching jobs are performed on modern equipment, which, due to the diversity of their performance, can cut metal sheets in straight lines, as well as in more complex and fine shapes and angles, thanks to the multifunctionality of the hardware.

Punching is a very important stage of the production process and transfer for further processing and assembly of various components. Without punching basically no metalworking production process is possible, because any part must be first prepared for use in the further preparation of the finished product.

The diversity of services!

Metal punching

We provide high-quality and diverse metal sheet cutting services:

  • cutting
  • punching
  • stamping
  • piercing
  • perforating
  • shearing
  • length-cutting

Modern and multifunctional equipment!

We work with the following modern punching equipment:

The hydraulic punch press FINN-POWER F5S can handle metal from large sheets to finely finished individual parts.

Technical specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Finland
  • Model: F5S Express 9
  • Maximum sheet length / width: 2500 mm x 1250 mm
  • Maximum sheet thickness: 6 mm
  • Maximum punching diameter: 88.9 mm
  • Loading / unloading: automatic LD/UD2500
  • Manual control: 21 mode
  • Processed materials: metal, aluminium, stainless steel etc.

The electromechanical shearing machine CIDAN HSM-F is designed for comprehensive metal cutting. Shears are operated by a powerful direct drive motor with an overload relay. This model is equipped with dual, bilateral cutters.

Technical specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Denmark
  • Model: HSM-30 F/2.5
  • Maximum sheet length : 3050 mm
  • Maximum sheet thickness: 2.5 mm
  • The number of rotations per minute: 35
  • Engine: 3.0 kW
  • Processed materials: metal, aluminium, stainless steel etc.

Punching works that can be carried out:

  • punching of metal sheets, aluminium sheets, stainless steel sheets, as well as other materials;
  • sheet thickness: 0.8 – 3 mm,
  • maximum cutting thickness: up to 3 m

We will help to develop your ideas, by finding and executing the most appropriate type of punching!