Metal gates

Metal gates – for any taste and choice!

"MEKO & KO" Ltd. offers design, production and manufacturing of metal gates of various constructions according to the requirements, the intended use and the taste of the customer, matching them to the overall design of the area and the building, as well as guaranteeing protection against intrusion.

The offer by "MEKO & KO" includes single-leaf gates and double-leaf gates for all types of buildings and territories:

Garage gates with ventilation
Double-leaf garage gates
Gates for gateways
The sliding backyard gate is intended for the installation of a hinged gate. Ground surface quality and slope is irrelevant for the installation of this type of gates. The sliding gate furniture meet all safety requirements and ensures continuous operation even in difficult weather conditions. The gate slides smoothly and without noise. The sliding gate can be controlled manually or automatically.
We make hinged gates. The gate frame is powder-coated according to the RAL colour catalogue. Upon request or where necessary, the construction of the gate is galvanised. The gate can be equipped with automatic switches.
Territory gates
Different types of garage gates
Fence gates for private homes and industrial objects

Metal gate - finish and materials

The customer may choose different finishes and materials for the metal gate:

  • Gate automatics;
  • The thickness of the sheets used in the metal gate;
  • Finishing material;
  • Furniture;
  • Lock;
  • A lock incorporated in the frame profile of the gate (if necessary);
  • Decorative cover for the lock (if necessary);
  • Handles;
  • Powder-coating according to the RAL catalogue;
  • Adjustable hinges for easy assembly and convenient operation;
  • A rod for gate fixation in the closed position, which can not be removed, if the gate is locked.

At the request of customers, the gate can be equipped with a door or a smaller gate.

Decorative forgings

At the request of customers, we can manufacture gate with various forgings, which enable them to be successfully adapted to the surrounding environment and architecture. Our solution can be simple and classic shapes with a little decor, as well as an individually designed gate with hand-made forgings.

The “MEKO & KO” Ltd. offer will satisfy the expectations of even the most demanding customer!