"MEKO & KO" - a true craftsmanship and guaranteed quality in metal construction manufacturing, metal door installation and installation of security systems!

The company "MEKO & KO" Ltd. was founded in 2002 and has been dealing with metalworking services for already 13 years. We specialise in the metal door manufacturing, installation, equipping with security systems, servicing and maintenance, as well as in a wide range of metal construction manufacturing, processing and installation according to individual customer orders. Each order is important to us, so we try to ensure an individual approach to each customer by accepting ready-made customer orders and drawings for the desired object, as well as by giving consultations and helping to find the best solution depending on the purpose of the order, and the wishes and needs of the customer!

Years of experience and proven quality

More than ten years of experience in the metalworking industry allows us to safely claim that we know the Latvian market, customer needs and requirements. Years of persistent work, thorough research of market and target audiences, following the latest trends in metalworking technologies and industrial production have given our company an invaluable experience and knowledge to provide the highest quality for our products and a guarantee for the work done.

As a result of years of hard work, successful collaborations and provision of quality services, we've conquered the Latvian market and have become the major and most-demanded metal door and code system installation company in Riga, as well as one of the top metalworking and manufacturing companies nationwide. Our clients are both the major building management companies in Riga, and local municipalities and building operators throughout the country, as well as a wide range of private and individual customers.

Production quality

Our company uses modern, high-quality and multifunctional production technologies, equipment and devices in order to be able to provide a comprehensive range of metalworking services. We work with equipment from such professional foreign manufacturers as Finn-Power, Amada, Durma, Cidan, Haco and other hardware and instruments, ensuring the production quality and the diversity of services.

We are proud to mention that our production facility provides hydro abrasive cutting services in three dimensional cutting angles on the modern cutting machine “Flow 3D”, which is the only such machine in the Baltic region and is able to cut parts in any shape out of any material – not only out of metal, but even out of titanium and the hardest natural material – diamond, thanks the unique XD cutting head!

Diversity of services

"MEKO & KO" specialises in the metalworking service field, and this field is very wide and comprehensive – just like our range of services! We manufacture and install metal doors for apartments, private homes, as well as residential buildings; we install electronic and mechanical code systems for your safety and protection; we equip our installed code systems with electronic code keys or chips, as well as offer to set up handsets (intercoms) that will provide additional protection and control; we provide a wide range of metal and other material processing services - laser cutting, plasma cutting, water-jet (hydro abrasive) cutting, punching, perforating, stamping, piercing, length-cutting and shearing, we provide all kinds of welding services, metal, stainless steel and aluminium sheet bending and seaming, as well as powder-coating of metal constructions with the high-quality and permanent Italian powder paints “Euro-Polveri”.

We also manufacture and install metal stairs, gates, fences, mailboxes and other objects to order. We accept individual orders for the manufacturing of a wide range of metal components and structures.

The motto of our company is – from idea to assembly!

We look forward to your orders and questions.

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Your idea - our assembly!