"MEKO & KO" Ltd. offers the first and only hydro- abrasive cutting machine in the Baltics - the modern cutting machine Waterjet FLOW 3D, which, with its unique cutting technology, can cut materials of any hardness not only according to a two-dimensional drawing with strait cutting lines, but also in three-dimensional parts and inclined angles!

Water jet cutting ( Hydro abrasive cutting ) – a unique type of cutting, in which a very high-pressure water jet is combined with an abrasive, sand-like material, each grain of which is sharp and ridged, so as a result of this combination, a material of any hardness and complexity can be cut! Hydro abrasive cutting with the cutting machine FLOW 3D can handle all known materials, regardless of their hardness, density and thickness. It can cut both foam rubber, and steel, iron and even the hardest material found in nature - diamond!

Waterjet cutting

Hydro abrasive cutting - that is the highest accuracy, speed and flexibility!

FLOW 3D - 3 dimensional cutting

Waterjet cutting with the cutting machine FLOW 3D is universal, because this machine is equipped with an XD cutting head, which carries out full 3 dimensional cutting with a modern inclination and precision control (permissible deviation from the norm is only 0.06 mm). Thanks to this cutting head and its high accuracy, post-treatment of metallic parts, which often means additional expenses, won’t be required unlike after cutting on plasma, laser and other hydro abrasive cutting workbenches. It will cut parts of varying complexity with high accuracy. The XD cutting head automatically compensates for the possible shift of the water jet and the occurred cones, which take place in all laser, plasma and water jet cutting processes.

Waterjet cutting is divided into a number of specifics: ferrous metal, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, titanium, granite, stone, marble, glass, mirror, wood, rubber, tile and PVC material cutting.

Save time and money

Waterjet cutting helps not only to solve everyday manufacturing issues, but also saves time and money. After having reviewed all types of cutting, their advantages and disadvantages, we can say that hydro abrasive cutting is deservedly the leader among other types of metalworking, determined by the following factors:

  • The thickness of the materials to be cut can vary between 1-250 mm, and at the request of customers, it is possible to cut even thicker materials - up to 800 mm;
  • Heat exposure does not damage the material, as it happens when using laser or plasma - this is especially important when handling fusible metals and sensitive materials;
  • A barely noticeable seam, which is not typical of other metal cutting types;
  • It easily allows to cut metal sheets, which are thicker than 30 mm, although it is the maximum thickness for other types of metal cutting;
  • As the metal sheet size increases, starting with 8 mm, the cutting speed becomes equal to the laser cutting speed.

“FLOW 3D Flow Waterjet” - Waterjet cutting machine

Waterjet cutting

Technical parameters::

  • Manufacturer: FLOW WaterJet
  • Model: M3 - 4020b
  • Maximum length of x axis: 4020 mm
  • Maximum length of y axis: 2020 mm
  • Maximum length of z axis: 150 mm
  • Inclination of B, C axis: up to 610
  • Maximum cutting thickness: 200 mm
  • Cutting range: 2020 x 4020 mm
  • Cutting accuracy: +/-0,1 mm/m
  • Max. water pressure: 4200 bars


Hydro abrasive cutting is unique with the fact that, thanks to the special XD hydro abrasive cutting head, which is able to cut material in three dimensions, this type of cutting may be used to cut materials of any type and hardness in not only straight but also inclined angles, in various shapes and curves, thereby this cutting method is universal and provides a very wide range of services, from which the most demanded are:

We can cut tiles in a wide range of complex shapes, we cut tile edges in a 45-degree angle, improving the technical and visual quality of the finish of tile corners, we cut cable holes in tiles and make bends for wall socket installation. We also make different types of tile engraving.
We cut gaskets in various shapes, sealing materials, rubber fasteners and parts for any needs. At a special request, it is also possible to cut various decorative rubber elements, templates, toys and souvenirs.
We make various cuts and parts in various shapes from stone. We offer cutting different types of tiles with straight or angled edges, cutting stone bases for further construction works, for example – table tops, stair steps, etc., stone plates, stone monuments and decorative elements of different types of stone, ceramic, marble and granite of various composition. Stone cutting is done through the use of the water-sand technology, and thanks to the sand jet technology, different engravings can be incorporated in stone. The quality provided by waterjet cutting is so high that stone does not require any post-processing - after processing with a water jet the edges will look as polished!
We perform cutting of all types of glass, except toughened glass. Glass sheet cutting in straight angles, glass cutting in different curves and shapes, mirror cutting, tabletop surface cutting, glass shelf construction cutting, cutting of stair elements, cutting of various decorative templates, hole punching, engraving of drawings.
Although hydro abrasive rotation is more suitable for cutting of more complex materials with higher hardness, it can be used to cut wood, for example, plywood and chipboards. When choosing the water-jet cutting to cut wood, it is recommended for the wood to be as hard and evenly dense as possible to prevent the necessity to polish edges after the cutting.
Cutting of all kinds of metal and metal sheets, cutting of curved edges and shapes, punching of holes and various shapes in aluminium and steel -alloy, stainless, low alloy and hardened; ferrous metal, copper, titanium, etc. Water-jet cutting method in this case will be appropriate for the cutting of a variety of fine and complex parts and shapes.
We offer cutting of cardboard, PVC sheets, organic glass, mono polycarbonate, cell polycarbonate, plastic, foam rubber, etc.- the hydro abrasive cutting method is unique and will cut any material!

We accept orders from 50 EUR/+VAT and above. The price depends on the amount and complexity of the work.

We work to execute the customer's tasks to the highest accuracy and so the cut parts would be perfect!