Intercoms - an additional privilege given by the electronic code system, which allows you to manage persons coming into your home not only by contacting them through an audio receiver or a door phone when your guest, while standing in front of the door of your apartment building, presses the number of your apartment on the digital dashboard of the electronic system, but also by providing the option to open the front door from your apartment by pressing a specially designated access button, located on the base of the handset.

Intercoms by the "MEKO & KO" electronic code systems also have the function that allows for turning off the sound or turning the volume down if you are not expecting any guests or simply do not want to be disturbed.


Intercoms - it is an extra security system for your home!

Intercoms installed by our company guarantee not only convenient and easily understandable operation, but also the quality and warranty of the product. "MEKO & KO" installs intercoms made by the Polish company “LASKOMEX”, which is one of the most popular manufacturer of intercoms due to the convenience of use and the simple shapes from the design point of view.

LM-8 WH intercoms or audio handsets by “LASKOMEX” provides high quality audio communication from both sides - both from the apartment and from the control panel at the front door. Intercoms installed by “MEKO & KO” have a two-cable connection, individual coding with the help of jumpers, option of opening the door without leaving the apartment by pressing the access button on the intercom, as well as signal cancellation option and volume adjustment.

Intercoms - 24 hour free service in case of damage!

Intercoms installed by “MEKO & KO” - a special offer for electronic code systems: we will install the code system RAINMANN or RIX in your building free of charge, if the building manager will close an agreement with our company for the servicing and maintenance of the code system. Thus, we take responsibility for the functioning of the code system and the intercom, as well as providing equipment repair in case of damage. Monthly subscriber's fee includes not only repair of the metal door and the installed electronic code system in case of electronic or mechanical damages, but also repair of the intercoms in case of technical defects.

Intercoms – it is the advantage to control which persons will be allowed to enter your staircase!

Intercom installation, in addition to the electronic code system, is a great way to ease your guest access into the building, and a great way to find out who has visited you through the audio communication handset, and decide whether you want to let the guest in the building or not. Your guest, while standing in front of the building’s front door, just has to press the number of your apartment and he/she will be immediately connected to the intercom installed in your apartment!