If you plan to install not only modern and interior-matching, but also durable metal stairs in your home, apartment or office, which will serve you for years, then the stair manufacturing services by "MEKO & KO" are the best solution for making your wishes come true, because our engineers will make you metal stairs, taking your ideas and needs into account, as well as offering a variety of solutions, depending on the goal of the project.

Our company offers custom-manufacturing, assembly and installation of a wide range of metal stairs in your chosen object.

Metal stairs

Contemporary design and iron-like durability

Our manufactured stairs can have metal both as the major element contained, and combined with constructions made of other materials. The main advantage of metal stairs is that they are very durable and with a long service life - they will serve for many years and will be more robust against mechanical damage than regular wooden stairs, because metal can be not only the main load-bearing material, but also the coating layer of steps and railing - exactly these parts of stair constructions are subject to the greatest risk of damage.

In addition to the operational and durability advantages, metal stairs also serve as a great design feature, which will fit especially well in modern private homes or offices. They can be designed in many shapes and matched to different interior styles. Metal stairs will match the modern minimalistic style interior design, which is very popular in office buildings, especially well. It will fit office buildings really well also because of its ergonomic and operational features.

The diversity of metal in combination with other materials

Metal stairs manufactured by “MEKO & KO” Ltd. can be designed from different material combinations with metal. According to individual customer needs we can make stairs solely of metal, as well as stairs, in which metal constructions are combined with other materials, such as wood, stone or glass. The possibility to make such combinations is what makes metal stairs a great accent in the overall interior design, because our customers can let their imagination run wild when choosing their stair design.

The diversity of stairs

The type of stairs must be chosen according to such basic principles as the size of the room, the overall style of interior design of the home, and how frequent and how will the stairs be used.

"MEKO & KO" offers several types of metal stairs:

Straight metal stairs will be an easy and good solution for small spaces, because they doesn’t suppress the sense of spaciousness and solve the issues of the lack of space.
Curved stairs will fit well in any interior. They will be safe and comfortable, and modern from the aesthetic point of view. Curved stairs are made together with a load-bearing middle support, which is made of a rectangular tube or a self-supporting frame that is lined with a metal sheet.
Stairs on top of a central support with glass, stone or wooden steps is the easiest stair solution. Stairs in such design can be both straight and curved. We also make stairs with two load-bearing supports. Such stairs can be made open or closed with a space below them. Open stairs look lighter and visually do not reduce the room they’re located in.
Spiral stairs can serve as a decorative element or as a solution in rooms with a limited space. Usually the area of these stairs does not exceed 1 m2, so they can also be deployed in the center of the room. Spiral stairs have some charm that can complement the interior of your home.

Papildelementi un kāpņu apdare

"MEKO & KO" offers to make not only customised metal stairs and their assembly in the selected object, but also to complement existing stairs with metal constructions. If your home already has stairs but you want to complement them with such elements as metal banisters or a metal finish of steps, we will help you find the most suitable solution!

Stair banisters and the finish of steps can be made of stainless steel or other metal constructions. When planning the order of stairs, be sure to consider their future use, in order to make the right choice for the manufacturing of steps - they can be smooth, filled, pierced or perforated,-depending on the application and the interior, in which they will be installed.

In order to find the best stair project, which would be not only visually appealing, but also practical and functional, it is necessary to assess the use and the operational purpose of the room.

"MEKO & KO" Ltd. - we will help you to find the most suitable metal stair solution for your building!